One of our WD family Kayleigh Alonge is running in the NYC Marathon supporting Cystic Fibrosis on November 6th, please help her reach her fundraising goal by making a donation! Click the link below!!



The waiting room is finally fully open. Starting tomorrow you can walk in through the main doors and have a seat in the reception area.
To celebrate the doors opening we will be choosing 2 patients who either checkin or leave us a review in the next week will be entered to win a Sonicare toothbrush!!
***Reminder masks are still recommended.



WE LOVE CREATING and putting great smiles into the world every day! #GreatSmiles #smile #create




WE CARE ABOUT your comfort so please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your visit better! #comfort #WeCare #TopPriority



  This week we celebrated a pretty big milestone for one of our longtime employees. Congratulations Melissa on your 20 year anniversary❤️




WE HAVE MODERN dentistry in our office and cater it to your lifestyle and needs! #ModernDentistry #CateredToYou #DentalOffice



 WE PERSONALIZE DENTISTRY to your needs! We want you to feel comfortable at our office. #PersonalizedDentistry #comfort #ForYou


WHITE TEETH doesn't always mean healthy teeth, there are many other factors so make sure you're taking the time to take care of your teeth! #HealthyTeeth #HealthySmile #OralHealth




We know dental anxiety is a real thing and want to do our best to put you at ease when you come to our office. Please let us know what we can do to help! #DentalAnxiety #anxiety #WeCare




Last night at the WD summer fun celebration. Such a nice night with lots of laughs and some great food! @ribworks #windsorsmiles



FOR NATIONAL LOLLIPOP DAY, we want to remind you that hard candies remain in the mouth longer, giving bacteria more time to create acid that weakens tooth enamel. Make sure to brush your teeth after you eat candy! #NationalLollipopDay #HardCandies #BrushYourTeeth 



REMEMBER TO REPLACE your toothbrush every 3-4 months or more often if you start to notice the bristles on your brush are becoming frayed.  #toothbrush #reminder #OralHealth




 THIS IS why flossing is so important, too! You only clean 70% of your teeth’s surfaces with brushing and flossing helps get the other 30%!  #flossing #brushing #OralHealth




STAYING HYDRATED is important for many reasons but one of them is so your body can produce saliva, which is important to help protect your teeth! #StayHydrated #saliva #FunFact



WE LOVE creating healthy, beautiful smiles customized just for you! #healthysmile #beautifulsmile #customized



 WHEN WE ARE happy, we smile and when we smile, others around us smile too so, do more things that make you happy! #smile #happiness #happy




REMEMBER that clean teeth are happy teeth so make sure to brush your teeth every day, twice a day! #cleanteeth #happyteeth #oralhealth


 WE LOVE caring for your smile because we believe it's the most important thing you wear! ☺️ #smile #quote #ConnieStevens

6/7/21  SMILING really is a small thing that can make a big difference!  #smile #MotherTeresa #quote



 WE SPECIALIZE in smiles and love what we do! #smiles #speciality #oralhealth






Have a Mouth-Healthy Halloween


























CAN YOU BELIEVE HALLOWEEN is coming up so soon? It’s always a fun time of year, with the spooky movies, the fun decorations, the costumes, and the tasty treats. We’re not here to drop toothbrushes in anyone’s candy buckets, but we do want to offer some tips on how our patients can make Halloween as healthy for their teeth as possible.

The Worst Halloween Candy for Our Teeth

Hard, sour, and sticky candies are definitely in the bad category. It takes time for hard candy to dissolve, which means an extended sugar bath for the teeth. Sticky candy adheres to our teeth and gums, which brings all that sugar directly to the harmful bacteria. Sour candy is acidic as well as sugary, making it doubly harmful.

Better Treats for Dental Health

So what’s the good news after all that? Chocolate! It contains compounds like flavonoids and polyphenols, which limit oral bacteria, slow tooth decay, and fight bad breath. However, the more sugar there is in it, the more it cancels out the good effects, which is why dentists prefer dark chocolate. If it contains nuts, that’s even better, unless you have a nut allergy or orthodontic appliance.

The best candy for teeth is anything sweetened with xylitol instead of sugar. This sugar-free sweetener is not only inedible to harmful bacteria, it even hurts them! The only problem is that there aren’t many xylitol candy options besides sugar-free gum in most candy bowls. Hopefully that will change!

Minimizing Sugar’s Effects on Your Teeth

If you have a sweet tooth that won’t be denied, there are other ways to fight back against the effect sugar has on teeth, such as:

  • Keep the candy consumption to mealtimes. Snacking on it between meals gives oral bacteria an all-day sugar buffet, but only eating it at mealtimes gives your saliva a chance to wash away traces of sugar and neutralize your oral pH.
  • Follow the candy with a drink of water. That will rinse off some of the sugar.
  • Don’t slack on brushing and flossing! These daily habits are essential to keep sugar from doing lasting harm to tooth enamel.

Make Use of the Dentist

Another resource you have for keeping your teeth healthy even with all the candy Halloween brings is the dentist. Make sure you’re sticking to your usual twice-yearly appointments so the dentist can make sure you don’t have any post-Halloween cavities!

Wishing all our patients a healthy, happy Halloween!








Happy 1 year anniversary Dr. Toth!! We are lucky to have you!





Have you met our New resident tooth fairy/ Dental Hygienist Maria? 



Congratulations Dr. Stern on becoming a Life Member of the NYSDA!! 


Can Smiling Make You Healthier?


WE OFTEN HEAR that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. We’re not sure where that came from, but it isn’t actually true. At least ten muscles are involved in smiling, but it might require as few as six to form a frown. We propose changing the saying to “smiling burns more calories than frowning,” but let’s take a look at the other benefits we get from smiling!

The Smiling/Happiness Feedback Loop

To say that we smile when we’re happy might seem so obvious that there’s no point in saying it, but the relationship between smiling and happiness is a lot like the chicken and egg question. We do smile when we’re happy, but we also become happier by smiling! It turns out that the simple act of smiling (even when it’s fake) releases endorphins, also known as the feel-good hormones. So it might be a good idea when you’re having a rough day to try smiling until you feel a little better!

Smiling Reduces Pain and Stress

The endorphins we gain by smiling have a lot of great benefits. In the short term, those include relieving stress and reducing pain. Endorphins function like painkillers (without side effects!) and help us recover more quickly from stressful situations. One experiment in 2012 tested how long it took the subjects’ heart rates to go back to normal after a stressful task, and the smiling subjects recovered more quickly.

Boost Your Immune System with a Smile!

The effects of endorphins can compound over time into something more long-term if we make a habit of smiling. We’re making ourselves more resilient against illnesses —even reducing our chances of getting cancer! This happens because when we manage our stress more effectively, our cells go through fewer stress-induced mutations.

Extend Your Lifespan by Smiling

It’s a well known fact that people perceive a smiling face as being younger and more attractive than a face that isn’t smiling. Well that isn’t just about appearances: over the course of a lifetime,the health benefits from smiling can actually help us live longer. Of course, it’s easier to smile when we’re happy with the way our teeth look, which is just one reason it’s so important to establish and maintain good daily oral health habits!


Bring Us Your Beautiful Smiles!

You don’t have to fight for your healthy smile alone! We’re here to help. If you need advice on what you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy and strong, just ask, and make sure you’re scheduling regular dental appointments every six months so that any problems that do come up can be dealt with right away!

Our patients make us smile!





The Owl has been named!! Meet the newest member of the WD family OWL PACINO!! We hope he keeps our cars safe from the ruffians (birds) out side. #owlpacino #wdfam #thesebirdsmakeamess#fingerscrossed Congratulations to the winnerMelissa Mitchetti Rizzo for the name suggestion!!  — with AL PACINO #1 at Windsor Dental Center.



We at Windsor Dental Center believe in creating an atmosphere of patient comfort at its highest level. All team members, including doctors were present and open to learn from our Dental Coach Blair Kolkoski. Coach Blair has mentored over 600 dentists worldwide, by helping them achieve the highest level of patient care.






Help us congratulate Jamie for being February’s employee of the month! Jamie is always willing to lend a hand with a smile. Thank you Jamie we appreciate you! #employeeofthemonth #February#kindnessmatters ❤️




Staff Holiday Party.  We all had such a great day.  Thank you Dr. Stern!!!! 




Steven P Stern and staff getting their learn on at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. Here he is with world renown prosthodontist, lecturer, friend and mentor Dr Dean C Vafiadis. Dr. Dean is a professor at NYU College of Dentistry where he is the Director of Full Mouth Reconstruction #FMR#gettinghislearnon #forourpatients #alwayslearning #windsorsmiles#gnydm2018 FMR# #prosthodontist





Dear Patients, 

During the Thanksgiving holiday, we will be closing our office an extra day for our employees to spend more time with their family and friends. Therefore, our office will close on Wednesday, November 21st at 3 pm and we will resume normal business hours on Monday, November 26th.  We are thankful for our patients, so thank you.

 Windsor Dental Center



As the holiday season approaches, it's a good time to reflect on the
past year. Many of us are very lucky and are blessed with our health
and family and a safe home. We have reason to give thanks - - others
are not so lucky.

Helping others is something the Windsor Dental Center family does often
and this year is no different. Effective immediately, we will be
collecting items for the Safe Homes of Orange County Shelter (see
listing below). We encourage you to drop off items on the list now
through March 1st, at the Windsor Dental Center office located at 375
Windsor Highway, in New Windsor.

We thank you in advance for your generosity.

Dr. Steven P. Stern and the Windsor Dental Family

• NEW Twin- size bed linens
• NEW bed pillows, NEW blankets
• NEW bath towels, NEW washcloths
• NEW packages of socks and underwear (Adults and kids ALL SIZES, ALL GENDERS)
• New leggings, t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, and other basic items (Adults and kids ALL SIZES, ALL GENDERS)
• NEW pajama sets for kids and adults (ALL SIZES, ALL GENDERS)
• Brand new or gently- used bras (please Launder before donating).
• FULL- Size toiletries (deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, bar soap, shaving cream and razors
• Feminine Care products
• Hair care products
• NEW hair brushes, hair ties, clips, and head wraps
• Diapers (especially size 4-5-6 and pull ups), baby wipes, diaper cream
• Plastic Laundry Baskets or fabric mesh laundry bags

#windsorgivesback #donate #windsorsmiles


Due to the inclement weather the office plans on opening at 11am.  Please call the office before your scheduled appointment to ensure that we are open. Thank you 


I know that you've all been wondering how much candy that was collected for the annual Halloween Candy Buy Back. Well wait no more........... the final tally was 182 pounds!!! Thank you to all who donated!!!

#windsorsmiles #Operationgratitude #halloweencandybuyback#candyisonitsway




The winner of the Windsor Dental Center Halloween Costume Contest is................. Trisha M Marcley!! Congrats  #windsorsmile #ourofficerocks




Take a look at Windsor Dental Halloween shenanigans!!    Some of the employees really took on the challenge.  Such a fun day!








Halloween Candy Buy Back is happening!! Please bring all you unwanted candy to be exchanged for CA$H!!   $1 per pound 11/1 and 11/2 Hope to see you HERE!!  




Help us congratulate our favorite docs for being voted Favorite Doctors by Hudson Valley Parent 2018!! We are super proud to work with such a wonderful team of dentists.

#WdDocsRock #windsorsmiles #wevegotthebestboss#nationalbossdaywasyesterday





On Friday the staff wore these special shirts to celebrate Dental Hygiene Month! #OnFridayswewearGreen#flosslikeaboss #wearetalkingdentalfloss#windsorsmiles





This month we celebrate the anniversaries of two very long standing employees!! Regina has been here for 17 years, and Irene has been here a whopping 23 years!! Happy Anniversary!!

#windsorsmiles #wdfamily #weloveourjobs




We are more than half way through the year and that means that you only have a few months left to use your dental insurance benefits before you lose them. Call us today to schedule that work you've been putting off.

#windsordental #windsorsmiles #itsalmostoctober




This past weekend the WD family got to spend some quality time together. Thank you Dr Steven P Stern and Laura for organizing such a wonderful trip. Here are the wonderful places we visited The Little Wine Bus Weed Orchards & Winery Whitecliff Vineyard and Bad Seed Cider Company!! Such a fun day for all!!!!











 #giveback #community 


 Just an FYI Windsor Dental is closing today at 3pm in observance of the holiday weekend. We will reopen Tuesday September 4th at 8am. Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Labor Day!!!! #laborday #windsorsmiles#longweekend



Thank you Dr Stern for always supporting local schools and sports. This banner is hung at Lasser park. Washingtonville Football.home of the Washingtonville Youth Wizards!!

#LetsGoWizards #Weloveourcommunity #windsorsmiles




 Thank you all for making us one of your favorite dentist again!  Now Hudson Valley Parent​ is looking for you to share your story.  Please visit



#favoritedoc #windsorsmiles #DrZ #DrStern #ourpatientsrock 



Help us congratulate!! Andrea is August's employee of the month. Her hard work and dedication shine through everything she does. Andrea is a great of the Windsor Dental team.

#windsorsmiles #employeeofthemonth #wehavethebeststaff




Check out our latest write up in Hudson Valley Magazine.

#windsorsmiles #wevegotthebestboss





 We had a great night with lots of information, food and fun!! Keeping checking for for our next seminar, or call for your free consult with Dr. Boyle.




 Help us congratulate Trisha, our Windsor Dental Center June employee of the month. Trisha is a star on our orthodontic team and always willing to lend a hand wherever she is needed.




 Windsor Dental was proud to support the 2018 GHO EL Salvador Mission. We were able to help provide the every day dental necessities we all take for granted. #windsorsmiles #windsorgivesback




Today we are wearing our noses for Red Nose Day. 
You're wondering -what’s with the Nose right?
Simple yet powerful, visible and playful,
the Red Nose has always been our symbol.
It brings us together, breaks down barriers,
and reminds us of the power of laughter.

Red Nose Day is a fundraising campaign run by the non-profit organization Comic Relief Inc. in hopes to one day end childhood poverty.
#rednoseday #windsorsmiles 





This week was National Dental Hygienists Week  We have the best Dental Hygienists in the Biz! They truly are the shining stars of our practice!! Thank you MonicaFabiolaRoxana, and Donna we appreciate you!!




Dr. Steven Stern Celebrates 30 Years of Progressive Dentistry

Steven P. Stern, Dental Director of Windsor Dental Center is celebrating his thirtieth year in dentistry. After graduating from Fairleigh Dickinson University School of Dentistry in 1987, he spent time as an Assistant Clinical Professor at Mt. Sinai Hospital in NYC.  He founded Windsor Dental in 1991 and has never looked back.

Dr. Stern’s goal was to create a dental center that would be convenient for busy families while offering the most comprehensive and innovative dental services in the region. Today, Steven has eight dentists on staff including multiple specialists, all under one roof. Windsor Dental’s comprehensive range of services includes veneers and Lumineers, dental implants, teeth whitening, and single-visit, pain-free root canals. They also offer Invisalign® clear braces, crowns in an hour and permanent bridges.

Your teeth and smile are one of the first things people notice about you, said Dr. Stern. Thirty years later I still get excited when I see a patient’s face light up after having a procedure that makes them feel better about their appearance. It’s incredibly rewarding.”  

Dr. Stern continues to stay at the forefront of dentistry and technology by attending many continuing dental education courses each year.  He completed the World Clinical Laser Institute and is certified for the Diode Laser, he attended the Las Vegas Institute for Dental Restoration, is certified in the E4D Dentist System and most recently has attended the MALO Clinic course on All- on-4.  

Dr. Stern is the past president of the Newburgh Dental Society and a member of the American Dental Association.



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