Are you:

* Missing one or more teeth?

* Having trouble with dentures or partials?

* Unhappy with your bridge?

Dental implants will keep you smiling for life.  Implants are replacement teeth that look and feel just like your own.  You will eat and drink whatever you like without the inconveniences of unretained dentures, partials and missing teeth.  Best of all, the implants look and feel like real teeth for a flawless, natural smile.


Dental implants are the preferred treatment to replace missing teeth and to support a full or partial denture.  Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world are dental implants to perfect their smile and restore their confidence.  Your dentist can help you determine if implants are the right choice for you.


If you need to replace just one tooth, an implant may be a more effective alternative to traditional bridge work.  A standard bridge cuts down both neighboring teeth to support the new bridge.  With ongoing bone loss under the bridge the supporting teeth eventually become loose and fail.  Alternatively, a dental implant replaces only the missing tooth while preserving bone, giving longer healthier life to the neighboring teeth.



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